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How Many Points Are Required For Quebec Immigration

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How Many Points Are Required For Quebec Immigration

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What is Quebec Skilled Worker Points Calculator?
The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is renowned to be the pioneer immigration plan for skilled workers to relocate to Canada.
If you are qualified and trained and your skill set matches the currently targeted occupations for Quebec, you can quickly get selected for immigration and receive the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian Permanent Residency.
QSWP aims to enable easy immigration of the educated and experienced workers to Quebec.
The aspirants who apply to QSWP are evaluated on 9 different factors for their eligibility like – academic excellence, job experience, age, language proficiency, area of expertise, job employment offer from Quebec, the family residing in Quebec, etc.
The applicants are required to score a minimum of 50 points out of 100 to qualify in the eligibility criteria for Quebec. Also, those applicants who are relocating with their spouse or common-law partner must be able to score 59 out of 100 for qualification.
If the couple plans to immigrate with their dependent children, they must be able to prove the possession of sufficient funds for survival in the Quebec province of Canada.The selected candidate is given the Quebec Selection certificate. Soon after this, the candidate can apply for Canadian PR and pack his/her bags to move to Canada.
Quebec Skilled Worker Points Calculator:
Following is a description of the 9 factors for QSWP
1. Training –
Maximum 26 points – These points are given under 2 sub-categories as mentioned below:
1. Education – Maximum 14 points – This factor has a minimum cut off of 2 points which the candidate can earn if he has at least a post-secondary school diploma. The candidate with a doctorate degree or a Ph.D. gets the maximum i.e. 14 points for academic excellence.
2. Areas of Training – Maximum 12 points – This sub-category has been devised to access the candidate for any special training that he/she has done to match the targeted jobs of Ontario. QSWP maintains a list of training certifications that are eligible for points in this sub-category.
2. Work Experience –
Maximum 8 points – Candidates with less than 6 months job experience get no points while those with 6 months to a year of employment earn 4 additional points. The maximum points are awarded to the candidates who have more than 4 years of work experience.
3. Age –
Maximum 16 points – Applicants aged between 18 to 35 years gain the maximum i.e. 16 points for age factor while candidates who are more than 43 years old, get no points for the age eligibility criteria.
4. Language Proficiency –
Maximum 22 points – In the QSWP immigration program, the French language is given more weight as compared to English. Candidates who are fluent in all 4 sections (reading, speaking, listening, and writing) of French language can get up to 22 points while those who are proficient in Englishcan get maximum 6 points.
5. Quebec Connection –
Maximum 8 points – Candidates get 3 points if they have a spouse, sibling, parent or child already residing in Quebec.
Points are awarded for family members residing in Montreal, Gatineau, Saguenay, Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Trois-Rivieres, or any other city, town, village, or area in the Province of Quebec.
The candidate can also earn 5 points if he/she has past work experience in Quebec on a Canadian work permit or has completed an education degree from Quebec itself.
6. Characteristics of Spouse or Common-law Partner –
Maximum 17 points – The candidate can earn additional points on the basis of his/her spouse characteristics.
Maximum 4 points for spouse’s education, 4 points for the spouse’s area of training, 3 points for age of spouse, and up to 6 points for the proficiency of the spouse in the French language.
7. Validated Job Offer –
Maximum 10 points – A candidate can get 8 additional points if he/she has a full-time employment offer in Montreal or 10 additional points for an employment offer outside Montreal.
8. Accompanying Children –
Maximum 8 points – Candidates get 4 additional points per child who is under 13 years of age and 2 additional points per child who is between 13 to 19 years old.
9. Financial Self-sufficiency –
Maximum 1 point – A score of 1 point is necessary for a candidate to be eligible to apply to QSWP. In case the candidate is travelling alone to Quebec, he/she must possess minimum CAD $3016 to score the desired 1 point. This figure keeps altering frequently and you must check back this space for recent updates.
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